Membership Pricing:

Billed on the 1st of each month

Bikini Membership: $25 Monthly

Full Brazilian Waxing Membership: $40 Monthly

Eye Brow Membership:  $15.00 Monthly

All of Aura’s Memberships are Contract FREE and you can stop any time!

Lip, Chin & Eyebrows  $20ea

Upper Back  $50

Under Arm  $25

Full face  $30

Full Back  $80

Bikini  $40

Half Legs  $50

Half Arm  $35

Bikini + 1/2 Leg  $65

Full Legs  $80

Full Arm  $50

Bikini + Full Leg  $100

Full Chest & Back  $85

Chest Only  $50
or Stomach

Female Full Brazilian  $70

Male Full Brazilian  $80

**All Prices are a starting price, more may need to be charged depending on time and hair quantity