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We are so proud to welcome Dr. Chase as we expand into a Wellness Spa!

After growing up in Montevallo, AL,  Dr. Chase Horton became a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Healthcare Consultant for the YMCA, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Nutritionist. Dr. Chase uses a combination of techniques to correct posture, joint pain, and headaches. Along with a strong background in nutrition and exercise science, he has consulted and treated hundreds of chronic disease cases so far in his career. 

Check out reviews and more information on Dr. Chase through facebook at www.facebook.com/drchasehorton


What’s the difference in our massages?

Often times I am asked by clients what’s really the difference between a massage we offer and what other places offer.  It’s a far greater difference than you may expect.  Although the licensing requirements may be the same across the board, the difference is truly in what each massage therapist puts into every massage. The knowledge a therapist may obtain during school that allows their licenses does not mean they have the ability to incorporate it during a massage. Our Therapists are screened for that particular ability as well as for in depth knowledge of the muscles.  Our owner Joe McKamey was one of the first Certified Medical Massage Practitioners in Birmingham and practices Massage with technical and in depth knowledge of the muscular system in which he trains and tests our Therapists.


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